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The Music

Your Heart's Mine

Nocturnal Sunshine
Nocturnal Sunshine


Track 8:  Your Heart's Mine


I saw you in a dream I had

Your face was all drawn and sad

We danced to the trees

and on through your eyes


You fade as I wake

You seem so opaque

I can't forget you

Do you even know who I am?


Now I walk the street

Can't even follow your feet

You glide through the skies

I know your heart flies


Because your heart's mine


I saw you in my dream last night

You've gone so far from my sight

It's not my choice

My ears filled with white noise


Because your heart's mine


And I don't know how

And it seems so now

I've left you to lie

I've let you die

I've forgotten you.



Your Heart’s Mine

Color and Reflection

Nocturnal Sunshine

Lyrics and music by Tim Dixon

Copyright 2007

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